video tour

Take your prospects on an authentic tour of your facility

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Highlight your space

We walk through your entire facility, just as a family would on an in-person tour.

Highlight your services 

We can describe what takes place in each space to better inform hopeful prospects.

Why video?

Video Tour Advantages

Create a warmer landing

Saying yes to treatment is a big step. Following the sacred yes, some clients experience fear and anxiety prior to arriving at your facility. Not knowing where you’re going or the people that work there can create this fear and anxiety. Offering a video tour clients and their families can watch ahead of time can calm those nerves and create a warmer landing.

It’s a living FAQ

During our tours we make sure to do more than just highlight space. Our goal is to give your prospects a sense of what treatment takes place in the space, along with providing a sense of what it feels like to be there.

It’s real

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard clients say “wow, this looks nothing like it did on the website”. Having doctored photos of empty spaces creates a false sense of what to expect. We love highlighting the space authentically, and showing prospects what they can expect realistically, sparing staff members from needing to explain why it looks different in person.

It’s always available

Your video tour will live on your website, making it available to prospects 24/7. Admissions staff can also use it as a tool during the admissions process, either sending the video to prospects via email, or having them visit it on the website.

How it works

Step #1

Prepare the space & people

We don’t stage scenes, but we want the space to feel lived in.

We walk through the space and make sure nothing’s out of place, that all the lights are on, and the spaces are tidy.

We’ll check for noise, outside sounds, and make sure people are aware of what we’ll be doing to optimize the sound.

Step #2

Walk through & plan

We work with you on identifying the best staff member to perform the tour. This is generally a BD rep or someone with an outgoing personality.

The two of us get to know your space with the staff member(s) that will do the tour

We plan how we’ll tour the facility step by step with whoever is going to tour us so we’re all on the same page

Step #3

Lights, Camera, action!

We intro the tour outside and knock on the door as a visitor would.

We treat the camera that’s following us as a real person, answering questions to the camera and creating a sense that the viewer is there with us.

Tours vary in length depending on the space, but from an hour long tour you can expect a 12 minute video tour. Once we finish, that’s a wrap!