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We Believe People Deserve Authenticity

We’re here because we believe people searching for treatment deserve an authentic, meaningful, and inspirational look into what services are offered and how exactly they’ll help. Capturing the essence of behavioral health is challenging, especially for traditional videography providers who don’t have experience in the field. Here are a few challenges we’ve noticed in the field at large:

  • Many programs (and their websites) speak to the same things making it difficult for the searching prospect to know whether or not it’s a fit.
  • The majority of messaging around addiction/mental health focuses on despair and perils rather than the vitality and freedom of recovery.

  • Websites struggle to directly communicate what treatment will be like and how it will help.

  • Content (especially media) is focused on WHERE treatment takes place rather than WHAT takes place.

How We’re Different

Why video matters:

90% of online users discover new brands or products via YouTube prior to search engine.
86% of people would like to see more video from brands.
Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines.
95% of viewers remain engaged when they watch messaging in video compared to 10% when reading it in text.
68% of consumers prefer to learn about new products or services through video, as compared to articles, info-graphics, e-books, and blogs.
Brands that utilize video on their homepage or landing page are 53% more likely to rank on the first page of Google

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Rehab Road Trips Helps You Tell Your Story In A Better Way

We Believe Your Story Deserves To Be Meaningful, Authentic, and Engaging

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Why Choose Us

We’re Counselors First and are in recovery

The content we make comes from a passionate place as our purpose in this life is to help people. Our purpose isn’t just felt in the videos we make, but also in the filming process with your team.

We Know The work and the Field

Having worked in behavioral health for over a decade, we’re intimately familiar with operations at every level of care.

We don’t work at your facility

Self-made content builds only so much confidence and trust. Having two people outside of your organization speaking to the work you do builds more.

We Know Your Prospects

The two of us have been helping people find recovery for years. We know the most commonly asked questions and know the most common pain points of people seeking treatment.

All you have to do is publish

We resize all the content we produce for you to look gorgeous on every device your audience may see it, and crop everything to appear perfectly across your social media channels.

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We make videos worth talking about. Combining our knowledge of cinematic filmmaking and careers in behavioral health, video content produced by Rehab Road Trips will support your prospects in taking their first step towards a life in recovery.

Plans for everyone

We currently offer three different content packages. (Facilities with multiple locations can reach out for a custom quote)

Content Refresh


Get Started

Videos that give your social media & website an engagement boost

What’s Included
  • Abridged roundtable
  • Social media clips (12)

  • Content deployment strategy

Most Popular

Video Brand Package



Drastically improve conversion, brand awareness, and confidence

What’s Included
  • Video tour
  • Video roundtable
  • 360 Photo tour
  • Homepage overview video
  • Social media clips (18-20)

  • Staff bio videos (up to 3)
  • Content deployment strategy

  • Facility drone footage

  • Facility b-roll

Ultimate Engagement Package


Get Started

The ultimate package to maximize engagement and conversion

What’s Included
  • Everything from Rehab Road Trip PLUS:
  • 360 video tour
  • Second video roundtable
  • Social media bundle (34 clips)
  • Alumni testimonial (3)
  • Staff bio videos (up to 10)
  • Staff headshots

What people are saying

We are grateful every day for the amazing work our colleagues are doing. While our videos speak for themselves, the results the videos achieve are best shared by those we’ve worked with:

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Quinn Dentler, CEO Golden Gate Recovery
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Richa Sachdev, Marketing, Meadows Behavioral Health
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Quinn Dentler, CEO Golden Gate Recovery

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